The Importance of Brand in Your Booking Process   

How many times have you gone online to make a booking, be it for a training course, event, or even an appointment with your personal shopper, stylist, or tantric guru, to find that you are suddenly being sent away from the official website to some impersonal 3rd party booking form?

Remember when we talked about positive customer experiences? Of course you do.

Well, isn’t this the sort of disjointed process that can undermine customer experience? Furthermore, isn’t it undermining your brand?

Let’s examine this a little bit more.

Brand Breeds Trust

Let’s not forget that there’s a lot more to your brand than a nifty logo. Yeah, that’s right, I used the word ‘nifty’.

Your brand is the representation of your company or organisation’s culture. It’s the way in which your customers and the wider world identify with you.

A powerful brand breeds trust from your customers. It can become a symbol of excellence and authority; the mark of quality that sets you apart from the competition. This is why you invest in brand development for your website, your business cards, brochures, advertising, and corporate literature.

Why then, would you neglect it when it comes to online bookings and transactions?

Why, at the crucial point of sale, would you allow your customers to step away from your carefully nurtured brand identity, sending them towards a booking platform that’s either offering a half-hearted ‘token gesture’ logo on the page, or is fully-skinned in their brand identity?

Brand Consistency at Every Touchpoint

When we think of brand consistency, our first thoughts probably take us to the notion that a brand should look and ‘feel’ the same wherever we may encounter it.

And rightly so.

Consistency is crucial to brand identity, which in turn is crucial to loyalty and, ultimately, advocacy.

In other words, massively important to long-term growth and repeat business.

But this consistency is not just restricted to the look, but also to location. Any touchpoint you have with your client should be reinforced by your brand.

This quote, from a blog all about brand consistency, sort of sums it up, really:

“A successful brand helps to communicate what your core product is, what sets you aside from your competition and should be applied consistently across everything you do.”

Every engagement your clients have with you is an engagement with your brand, a chance to further implant yourself into their consciousness. And, let’s be fair, the point of sale is quite an important touchpoint with your clients; reinforcing your brand at this stage would seem pretty logical, would it not?

Consumers buy from brands that they are familiar with, and brands that they trust. They need to trust your brand when they are looking for goods and services, and they really need to trust to your brand when they are making the purchase, placing the order, or making that booking.

Sending them off to another unfamiliar platform risks undoing all the hard work from the rest of your brand marketing strategy.

To find out how thinkBooker works with you to reinforce your brand at every touchpoint of the sales and booking journey, why not get in touch to book a demo.

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