The My Bookings Feature: Delivering on Customer Experience

One of the key reasons for a company or organisation to incorporate an online booking system into their business model is to try and make life a little easier for their customers.

It’s sort of common sense, isn’t it? If the booking system is easy to use, and accessible online (because we pretty much do everything online, these days, don’t we?) then the customer is going to be more inclined to proceed with the purchase. Increasing both:

  • your revenue – through more bookings
  • your reputation – by improving customer experience.

Because customer experience is important, right?


Most of us know and are aware of the importance of customer experience; of how it can drive sales and enhance your brand. We certainly place a great stock in it when it comes to delivering streamlined booking journeys for both our clients, and their customers.

But this adherence to customer convenience shouldn’t end the moment that they reach the check-out and submit their payment details.

To deliver a true customer experience, you need to ensure that every touchpoint offers a satisfactory service; free from hassle and frustrations, and providing a service that’s of genuine use and value to the client.

Say No to Long-Winded Sign-Ups

Having a customer account feature built-into your system may seem like something of an add-on, there purely for the benefit of the organisation as a form of data capture. And, of course, that is indeed a function that account pages offer to businesses; and is of value to them for future marketing purposes – the captured audience, and all that.

But let’s give thought to the customer. What’s in it for them?

Customers may certainly want to buy your product (make a booking) when they’ve visited your site; but does that mean that they really want to spend time signing-up to a member account?

This can become especially galling to the casual purchaser who wants to book a training course, conference facility, hospitality package, or sports camp, only to find that they need to fill in a laborious, and somewhat detailed, sign-up form before they do so.

So, maybe they’ll not bother – too much like hard work – and go find something else to spend their money on.

Or perhaps they will proceed with the booking, as it’s something they really want, or need. But before they pay, they have to ensure they have all that essential pre-course information, such as:

  • Emergency Number
  • Doctor’s Address
  • Dietary Needs
  • Passport Number
  • Car Registration
  • Their thoughts on the Meaning of Life

You know, the kind of stuff you would keep in a drawer at home (or, in the case of the last one, via consultation with your spiritual leader). So, not very convenient if you’re making the booking at work, or via your mobile on the bus commute.

Yes, the booking will likely stay in the shopping cart until later, when you can get that info. But doesn’t that encourage people not to bother? Surely this is a scenario that makes your process cumbersome, inconvenient, and time-consuming.

Resulting in all those annoying drop-offs.

Not a great customer experience, in a world where customers don’t need that much encouragement to take their business elsewhere.

The ‘My Bookings’ Feature on thinkBooker

This is exactly the kind of scenario that we’ve sought to address with thinkBooker.

First-time customers looking to make a booking don’t have to go through the hassle of signing-up to an account, because they’re automatically signed-up when they make their first booking. They won’t be put off by a sign-up process…because there isn’t one.

Furthermore, if essential details are needed for the booking, why not let the customer do it at a time, and in a fashion that’s convenient to them?

With thinkBooker, the customer can make the booking they want, and can go into ‘My Bookings’ later to add the essential details required.


  • You make the sale
  • Your customer benefits from a more user-friendly experience – which empowers your brand.

Thinking Like a Customer

Customer needs is about understanding customer behaviour. We live in a world where people want things done quickly, efficiently, and with the sense that they are in control.

The ‘My Bookings’ feature addresses these factors.

  • Quick – The automatic registration means returning customers can quickly sign-in and book a new product in seconds, as all of their details are securely stored in the system
  • Efficient – Customers can access their account when they want, from any device, to upload information, or amend their bookings at a time convenient to them. If they forget, then automated email reminders are sent
  • Control – the ‘My Booking’ area is the customer’s own part of the system, where they can make new bookings, amend details and view a complete history of their transactions.

Customer experience is hugely important to the growth of any business. Of course, it matters that you have a seamless, easy to navigate sales process, but the after-sales care, and on-going relationship with your customers is every bit as important. The ‘My Booking’ feature on thinkBooker plays a vital role in delivering an essential and positive post-sales experience for customers. Encouraging new customers to return, and long-term customers to remain loyal to your brand.  

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