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Appointment Booking Software & Diary Management System

Stylish yet simple booking and scheduling
for the personal shopping experience.


Bespoke appointment booking & diary management for your business

Whether personal styling, advice services, or in-store events, our appointment booking software delivers a fast, seamless customer experience, tailored to your needs, and beautifully designed to match your exact brand guidelines.

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Capturing data for essential customer insight

Personalising the shopping experience with scheduled events and experiences provides you with opportunities to better understand your clientele. Capture this data with our in-built CRM database for future marketing, and customer insight. Encouraging brand advocacy and growth.


Staff management

Our staff scheduling solution ensures easy, highly visible and real-time management of staff rotas and appointments.

Real-time reporting

Have instant access to the essential data and reports that you need to deliver customer and financial insight. Delivered in real-time and available on any device, at any time.

Date, Time & Location

Our bespoke diary management system delivers a perfect customer experience from the moment they begin their journey. From easy to use store locators and maps, to date & time scheduler, and confirmation email.

Empower your brand with our appointment booking software

Brand awareness leads to brand advocacy and retail success. Our appointment booking software elevates your brand at every touchpoint - we enhance your online presence, further empowered by personalised automated communication with your clients.