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26 June 2017 / by gareth hill

As Ferris Bueller once said:

“Life moves pretty fast.”

And, while we tend to agree with the world’s most famous truant that, you do need to stop and look around once in a while, the simple truth of life in the land of the smartphone is that we all crave instant action; service delivered at the touch of a screen. Or at least, as close as possible.

Technology seeps into everything we do, with new innovation appearing before us on a daily basis. The trick, however, is not to deploy technology for technology’s sake, but to recognise the need to apply it in ways that make our lives a little simpler, and make our days run a little smoother.

Since the inception of thinkBooker, one of our primary aims for the software has been to improve and bring greater efficiency to the online booking process. To cut the journey from ‘select’ to ‘purchase’ to as small a time as possible, while ensuring the essential detail is captured, and the transaction is confirmed and secure.


Because it’s vitally important. Because streamlined bookings add a level of efficiency to your business that can bring benefits in numerous ways. Such as:

Improve Conversion Rates

Being made to jump through a series of digital hoops, answering a seemingly endless series of questions and information gathering exercises is not exactly one of life’s great joys. If it grows interminably tedious, the chance is high you’ll give up, and take your business elsewhere.

At thinkBooker we’ve worked to simplify and speed up the booking process, removing as many barriers as possible, and streamlining the entire journey to less than 3-minutes. Removing the steps removes the laboriousness, and takes your customer to the check-out page a lot quicker; resulting in significant improvements on conversion rates.

Streamlined Bookings = Positive User Experience = Satisfied Customers

The booking process is a live, real-time interaction between you and your customer (who, don’t forget, is clearly a motivated buyer); it’s imperative therefore that you ensure it’s a process that doesn’t confuse, and doesn’t eat into their time unnecessarily.

We know that there’s some information that’s needed when making a booking (medical or dietary needs when booking on a sports camp, for instance). But, is this information necessary at the booking stage? Can it be gathered at a later date, in a secure members area, for example, at a time more convenient to the customer?

Improving user experience goes a long, long way to enhancing customer satisfaction. Which will in turn provide a positive boost to your brand, enhance your business reputation as a customer friendly organisation, turning clients into advocates.

Reduced Administration

A well-structured, simple, and a streamlined bookings system has the tendency to encourage customers to use it. In a country where over 80% of the population own or use a smartphone, the vast majority can understand the inherent time-saving and convenience benefits of a quick online booking process, versus traditional phone, email, or physical booking methods.

By converting your customers to this automated booking method, you’ll significantly reduce the amount of admin that comes with those more traditional processes. You’re not only introducing a streamlined bookings system, but a streamlined way of running your business entirely; increasing productivity and allowing you and your staff to focus on business-growth activities, unshackled from the mire of administrative duties.

In Conclusion

Whatever your business or organisation, finding ways to bring greater efficiency and improvements to your customer’s experience and perception of your brand, is paramount to long-term success. Having an online booking system that delivers streamlined bookings, that’s fast, simple, and automated, offers the greatest chance that your customers’ will swiftly turn an enquiry into a purchase, while driving a more efficient, and customer-focused approach to your work.

Which can only be good for your profitability and your growth.

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events - optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

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