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18 December 2017 / by gareth hill

4 Ways That Automation Can Benefit Your Booking Processes

Some of the myths that still exist about the introduction of automated processes into a business is that it will de-personalise the level of service you provide for your clients, and potentially jeopardise the jobs of members of staff. A sort of Terminator inspired notion that the machines are about to take over and replace the human element of the business.

Well, if either of those factors are being considered as reasons for introducing automation, then let us tell you right now: YOU’VE GOT IT ALL WRONG.

Automation is NOT about replacing the human touch, either for the client, or the personnel of the company. In fact, the exact opposite is invariably true.

As an online booking software provider, we understand the importance many businesses have when it comes to taking bookings for their products, services, or events. The customer experience delivered and the levels of time spent managing the processes can both have a particular impact on revenue, efficiency, and ultimately, profit.

It’s in these areas that automating certain elements within the booking process can deliver the benefits you need, without compromising personal service, or human involvement in the business.

You Gotta Speed It Up

It’s unclear whether or not Bucks Fizz were talking about automation en route to their 1981 Eurovision Song Contest victory (it’s unlikely, to be fair) but speed and efficiency lies at the heart of correctly applied automation within your booking system.

There are, of course, a raft of administrative tasks that are required to ensure the processing of a booking and the capturing of all essential information. Tasks that eat a huge hole in the schedule of many an employee.

By automating tasks such as confirmation emails and transactions, you’re able to deliver a much slicker, faster booking journey to your client, which can go a long way towards reducing the number of abandoned shopping carts.


Automation is not about replacing people within an organisation, but about allowing those people to make better and more productive use of their time.

Compiling reports, or uploading booking data into spreadsheets is a painstaking and laborious task when done manually. Is that really the most effective use of an employee’s time?

Automating many of these procedures can empower your staff to be engaged in more proactive tasks geared towards business development.


Similarly, not only is the introduction of automated processes not a threat to delivering a personalised service to your clients, it can actually be a means to provide a greater, more meaningful level of service to your clients at every level.

Freeing up admin time allows for more opportunity to connect directly with your clients; while automating your communication and marketing channels can keep your clients better informed and engaged at every touchpoint of their journey.

Day-to-Day Data

It’s all about the data in today’s digital world. Capturing the essential data from your clients is the fuel that helps fire future marketing; allowing you to target your products and services directly towards the likes, wishes, and requirements of your customers.

An online booking system offers a perfect platform to easily and automatically capture and retain this data through bespoke search fields, and the recording of booking histories. If you are offering a personal shopping experience, for instance, then your booking form is the ideal place to learn what styles and designers your client likes, their clothes sizes, and all the other info that allows you to tailor the in-store service to their needs.

Automation in your booking process is all about the enhancement of the personal service you deliver to your clients, while creating a work flow that helps, rather than replaces, the members of your staff who remain vital to the continuing growth and development of your business.

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