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16 June 2020 / by gareth hill

Controlling Pub Occupancy Levels with SafeBook

Summer evenings, supping a cider in the open air, or a winter night pint in the cosy corner of your local. The reopening of our pubs and bars represents a return to a staple of British culture.

And while this will be a welcome step towards normality, the reality is the landscape will be markedly changed.

When the doors to your local hostelry reopens, it will be under new conditions aimed at minimising the further spread of COVID-19. We don’t know how long these measures will remain in place, or whether any of the changes will become permanent.

What we do know is that pub groups, owners and individual landlords will be looking for the best ways to implement the changes without unnecessary impact upon the enjoyment and experience of its guests.

Safebook pubs booking system



SafeBook and the Control of Occupancy Numbers

Along with considerations around hygiene and general health and safety measures, pubs, bars, cafés and similar outlets also need to find a suitable way to regulate their occupancy levels.

Whether 2m or, as has been suggested, a reduction to 1m, social distancing is still going to be in effect in one way or another.

Which means pubs will have to be strict on their capacity levels.

Being able to provide an environment that can maintain safe capacity for social distancing, monitoring the numbers of people on site at any time, will be a challenge.

At thinkBooker, we’ve helped organisations manage occupancy levels for a variety of purposes; from real-time occupancy management for airport lounges to variable capacities on training courses, events or sports camps.

It’s upon these foundations that we have developed our latest innovation, SafeBook.

SafeBook offers a solution for the hospitality sector (among others) to take complete control over the numbers of patrons visiting the premises, managing the flow of people on and off site without overburdening the valuable time of your staff.

The system lets you create time-slots, giving you control over the parameters when logged into the back-end; such as duration and maximum capacity. Both can be varied according to need, so you can manage each venue according to their specific circumstances.

With a digital check-in and check-out function, you have a real-time view of how many people are on-site at any time.

The time-slots can be booked by your customers online, with a booking system that can be embedded directly onto the website or page of each venue. This means that guests can pre-book and show up just ahead of their allocated time, reducing queues outside that can be frustrating and increases the labour-intensive monitoring of social distancing.

It’s been a very tough time for the hospitality industry, and even the prospect of reopening comes with significant challenges. At thinkBooker we’re looking to ease that strain just a little bit.

The SafeBook system can help you manage the occupancy measures your pub or café will need to enforce, in a way that allows your staff more time to focus on the customer; and your customers to focus on enjoying the welcoming thrill of a pint with friends once more.

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