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31 January 2018 / by Gareth Hill

Everyone’s Talking About Customer Experience

Take a little digital stroll through your LinkedIn or Twitter feed, or browse the hot topics on the business, marketing and retail news sites and blogs. It probably won’t be long until you hit upon an article talking about customer experience.

It’s the vogue phrase of the moment.

It’s the world attuning to the fact that as our digital and physical personas fuse together, the way in which consumers (of which we can all claim to be) make purchases has undergone something of a sea change.


Because the wealth of information available to us, the new online and offline touchpoints that can bring us into contact with our favourite brands and products, means that we all have to do a bit more to convince our clients to buy from us.

Consumers will frequently have (subconsciously or otherwise) wish list items related to their buying journey, such as (but most certainly not limited to):

  • Consistency of experience and brand identity across multiple channels
  • Easy of navigation and finding information
  • Buy-in to the ethos of your brand
  • Easily grasp the value of the proposition
  • A sense of fun and / or vibrancy

Everybody seems to have a view on customer experience

Delivering an experience for your customer that ticks these boxes, that exceeds expectations and leaves them all warm and fuzzy for your brand can be the differential to long-term business, and sustained, profitable relationships between client and brand.

It’s the reason that the social media channels are abuzz with opinions on the subject.

Who’s Responsible?

Is it the marketing or brand manager who needs to take ownership of customer experience? The CEO, Tech Director, Sales Manager, or anyone else occupying a seat on the C-Suite?


The answer, invariably, is that it’s all of the above.

Just as your brand needs to be consistent across every channel and touchpoint, so your entire team, from the board and management down, need to be singing from the same hymn sheet and adding their own input into the experience your brand delivers to your customers.

Customer Experience and Customer Trust

Providing a positive CX is a critical cog when it comes to eliciting a sense of trust from your clients.


If they trust that you have put focus into making their life a little easier, a little less hassled, or enriched in some way, then they will be more inclined to trust you enough to do business.

And trust in a brand is a big step towards loyalty and advocacy in the long-term.

Sharing Positive Experiences

In a world so dominated by the way we’re perceived across social media, the pay-off in delivering ‘above-and-beyond’ levels of customer experience can be the kind of word-of-mouth endorsements that previous generations could only have dreamed of.



Of course, and to reiterate the notion that customer experience is something that matters out there among the buyers, get it spectacularly wrong and someone, somewhere, will let the world know.

Technological innovation aimed at customer experience improvements

You want the edge on customer experience across your entire company, and over every channel with which you engage your clients? Then the technology in which you invest will be crucial to the way you deliver this.

From the use of artificial intelligence for granular data analysis, chatbot engagement, or customer insight:


Or, not to beat our own drum at all (ahem), the way in which online booking systems can provide the link between online and offline channels, customer insight, and efficient workflows – all of which feed into seamless customer experience our clients strive to achieve.


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