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16 May 2018 / by Gareth Hill


Executive Lounge Booking System at Cardiff Airport

With the opening of its new 51˚ business lounge and revamp of the Executive Lounge, Cardiff Airport has launched a new online booking and airport lounge management system developed by thinkBooker. 

The new system comprises part of a wider £4 million redevelopment of the airport’s departure lounge facilities. With a significant increase in passenger numbers, the booking system has been brought in to help manage capacity in the executive lounges.

An image of the new 51˚ business lounge sign at Cardiff Airport.

Integrating with the Main Site

Focusing on consistent ‘on-brand’ user experience, the new booking system integrates with the airport’s main website; allowing a seamless booking journey for clients to pre-book their space within the executive lounge.

The system also allows the airport team to manage the access to the lounge for the various customer types that use the facilities, including: airline members, airport lounge member schemes like Dragon Pass or Priority Pass, and those who hold premier airline cards.

Capacity Management

One of the most crucial functions that the new system provides is the ability for staff to be able to have full control over capacity within the lounge at any given time; with complete visibility of visitor numbers.

It’s a function that was seen as a vital part of improving both operational and customer experience, and a facility previously unavailable to the airport.

New Booking Solutions

As passenger numbers have significantly increased year-on-year, so the demand for access to the two lounges at Cardiff Airport has grown.

With new routes into Europe, the introduction of new long-haul services through Qatar Airways, and the development of airport-wide facilities, so the need for a modernised booking system was established.

The thinkBooker booking system will help improve operational efficiency through its capacity control and automated process and, through its reporting dashboard, airport management will have the ability to view key metrics on lounge usage and revenue. All delivered in real-time, via mobile, laptop or tablet.

Agents Application

With bookings to the lounges also coming via agents, a separate web-based agent application has also been developed. This allows them to book clients directly into the Executive Lounge, quickly and easily, without having to first contact the airport lounge team. It's a new process that not only adds another layer of efficiency to operations, but also allows the airport's finance team to manage invoicing and commission payments with ease in efficient fashion.

Gareth Rees Jones, Managing Director of thinkBooker

“We’ve developed thinkBooker to be a highly flexible, bespoke booking solution that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of each of our clients. In the first few years, it was mainly used within the sports sector but over the last two years, we’ve expanded into other areas of online booking including travel, retail, training and room booking. We’re excited to be working with Cardiff Airport to launch the new online booking system for the business and executive lounges.”

Spencer Birns, Commercial Director at Cardiff Airport

“Improving operational efficiency and the customer experience is something that we are continually working on at Cardiff Airport. One of the challenges we faced was managing the capacity of our Executive Lounge, which is becoming more and more popular as we increase passenger numbers.

“The thinkBooker system allows our team to more accurately forecast and monitor the usage and occupancy levels of the Executive Lounge, and our customers are able to book and pay quickly and easily on any device.”

Find out more about thinkBooker’s Executive Lounge booking system, or get in touch through our via our contact page.

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