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21 May 2017 / by Craig Delonnette

How can you engage and retain customers after a booking? 

The goal for many online booking systems is to get a booking and that’s where the process ends; that’s not the case for thinkBooker, we look to extend and improve user engagement both before the customer attends their booking and after they’ve completed their chosen activity. 

It’s all in the preparation…

We start our work to drive engagement before a customer even begins their booking; large banner images are used to illustrate and promote your upcoming products and the quick search tool is always visible making it easy to quickly start searching for a course or product to attend.

Once the customer has chosen their products and goes through our quick and easy booking system our work has only just begun. 

Rapid fire follow-up…

Immediately after booking, the customer receives a confirmation email with their booking detail; this can even include venue specific information if you operate in multiple locations. If the customer is a first-time booker they will also receive a registration email which allows them to create a login for the My Booking area where they can enter additional booking details. 

In our experience, the additional booking details tend to be vitally important to attendance, confirming the booker’s medical or emergency contact information, as such it’s critical to get all of this information ahead of the course start date so thinkBooker issues automatic emails a week before the course starts and another three days beforehand reminding bookers to fill in their details.

After attending their course, thinkBooker also sends out another automatic email thanking the attendee for taking part in the course. This email is also a great opportunity to recommend upcoming courses related to the one they just completed. 

In our thinkBooker implementation for Fulham FC’s soccer schools, we also included the ability for coaches to offer their feedback to each player via email, noting their improvements and giving them advice on what they may still need to work on. 

By regularly contacting and connecting with the customer it makes the pre-sale and post-sale process appear more personal rather than automated; every email sent out by the thinkBooker system can even be tailored to suit your style and tone to keep them on brand.

Stay social…

Outside of thinkBooker it’s also important to engage via social media as that’s where a large portion of your audience will be. Galleries of photos taken during the courses are perfect for uploading and sharing on social media, especially if you encourage your attendees to tag themselves in any photos which will share your content to their contacts.

Videos of the sessions are also a great way to show off what your courses entail; with some simple video editing you could even put together a highlights package which could be sold as an optional extra during the purchase process.

Any activity on social media will help to promote your products and further engage with your audience, reminding your existing customers of the great time you had and increasing exposure to potential new customers.

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