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02 June 2020 / by gareth hill

Helping Get Visitors Back Into Care Homes

Protecting and minimising the risk to the most vulnerable has been, quite correctly, the priority of all care homes across the UK during the coronavirus outbreak. While absolutely the right course of action, it has of course meant that residents have been unable to receive visits from family members and friends.

Obviously, being cut off from your loved ones can have implications of its own, with understandable fears for residents’ mental health, as highlighted in The Guardian on 30th May.  

Clearly a balance will need to be struck between allowing residents at care homes to have some renewed contact with their family, while maintaining measures that can keep the risks to a minimum.

There are some care groups already trialling a degree of controlled visiting this month, putting strict conditions in place. Measures which include:

  • Visits to be taken in the garden or via a window
  • All visits to be booked in advance
  • Limitations to the numbers of guests per visit
  • Strict limits on the times of the visit

Implementing these measures can, quite naturally have an impact on the workload of already busy carers, trying to balance the management of visits with a multitude of other essential tasks to which they need to attend.

This can be particularly burdensome if these new bookings are being managed by phone or email. More time spent by the care staff, and, while visitors will undoubtedly put up with things in order get a time, it’s not necessarily the most convenient of experiences.

Especially when there’s another alternative that can bring benefit to staff and visitor alike.

At thinkBooker we’ve been specialising in online booking and scheduling systems for the best part of a decade. We help organisations manage their time more efficiently by automating booking processes which, at the same time, provide a more accommodating user experience for the customer (or visitor).

It’s upon this track record of industry expertise that we will be launching our latest product, SafeBook.

Providing organisations to quickly and easily create capacity limited time-slots, visiting times and appointments, SafeBook will be an affordable, instantly access solution that can provide the tools for Care Homes and Care Groups to effectively, efficiently and safely create, take and manage bookings.

This would mean that, when the time was right to do so, much cherished and important visits could be resumed in way that safely managed the occupancy levels on site at any given time, that saved the staff’s precious time, and created a welcoming, convenient experience for customers.

SafeBook is coming very soon (find out more here > ) – if you’re working with the residential care sector and would like to find out more, then please get in touch via our contact page. We’d love to hear from you. We’d love to help.

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