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22 October 2020 / by Gareth Hill


SafeBook Helps Staff Back into the Office

Working from home or other remote, non-office locations, has quickly become the norm for great swathes of the global workforce.

And, the reality is that this is a pandora’s box unlikely to be closed.

Yet, while businesses have come to realise the benefits of remote working, it’s stretching things to suggest that the days of the office workplace are completely numbered.

Offices are still going to be part of the working landscape, in one form or another, but how we access and use them may well be on the change.

Safebook office booking system

A Return to the Office

In the short-term this is likely to mean restricting the number of staff members on site at any one time, in compliance with Covid-led health and safety measures.

SafeBook provides a simple way for companies to control the numbers of staff onsite at any given time.

  • Create time-slots for each workplace (this could be by the hour, half-day or day – you control the times)
  • Set limits for the number of staff who can book a space in each time-slot
  • Each staff member can go online, select a slot with available space and quickly reserve their spot
  • The staff member gets an email confirmation and office admin is notified of their booking
  • Staff members can be checked-in on arrival and checked-out on departure
  • The company has a record of staff in the office for each time slot to assist track and trace protocols

office space bookings blog body

Workstations, Hot Desks and Changing Working Patterns

There are going to be longer-term implications in relation to the adoption of home and flexible working, when it comes to the way companies use and setup future office space.

With larger numbers of employees working from home on a daily basis, the amount of space required may lessen, which may result in downsizing or staff giving up permanent desk space in favour of more flexible hot desk solutions.

In scenarios like this, SafeBook provides a simple, elegant solution to help manage the fair use of desks, meeting rooms or other kinds of workspace.

By setting up each desk or room as their own item, and let team members book as needed.

It means your staff have ownership over the use of the office space available, meaning a reduction in time spent managing room allocation, and avoiding the time-expensive and annoying scenarios of double-booking.

SafeBook is a quick to set-up, easy-to-use booking system that allows you to manage the availability of your resources, while ensuring a user-friendly, brand consistent experience for staff and customers alike.

Find out more about the SafeBook system, or sign up to your free 30-day trial, by visiting the website here.

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