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06 February 2018 / by Gareth Hill

The Booking System of Today: How Tech Has Changed People’s Expectations

One of the by-products of living in a society so dominated by technological innovation is the increased levels of expectations customers place in the products, services, and devices they use.

We live in an age where technology has fused itself into the fabric of everyday life. Think of the changes that have come about due to the rise of mobile technology, and the cloud. These things existed a decade ago, but their use among businesses and the general public were far from widespread. Now, they dominate the way we work, transact, communicate, and generally go about our daily lives.

Technology is only ground-breaking for a very short amount of time. The ability to pause live TV has been with us since the turn of the century, with Sky+, and the subject of wonder for Peter Kay and his nan!

Fast-forward (on x30 speed) to 2006, and it was a standard feature in homes across the land.

Such is the way of things. Customer expectation naturally moves with the times; seeking new ways to apply tech to make their lives easier, their work a little more productive.

We certainly see this in our own little technological sphere. As booking systems have evolved, with clients moving away from the bad old, inefficient ways of spreadsheets, manual payments, and the cradling of a phone under the chin, so they have expanded the expectations they place on automated, digital alternatives.

The evolution of the internet, and its move towards mobile, plus our continued exposure to both the possibilities and risks existent within new technology, has created a more tech-savvy customer, who have a right to expect certain criteria as standard when looking at their online booking system, or any other piece of software.

Responsive Designs

There was a time when a company website which was responsive for mobile, or tablet, was an added feature.

That’s all changed.

More than half of the world’s population use smartphones to access the internet. Which means they want to use online facilities that are mobile, or tablet-friendly.

Whether we’re booking a course, or ordering a pizza, the increasing likelihood is that we’re seeking to do so via our mobile.

Responsive design is no longer an added feature. It’s a necessity.


Barely a day goes by without another news story about another cyber-attack. Hacking, malware, and other forms of online criminality are high-profile items. And, with so much data being transferred around the internet, including personal and financial details, then customers are rightly expectant of security assurances from their software provider.

The public are no longer as naïve, or blindly ignorant of such dangers online.

If you have a booking system that takes online payments, and collects personal data from your customers, then it has to demonstrate that it’s as secure as it is possible to be.

Booking History

One of the features of the online retail environment, almost since day one, has been the ability for consumers to look at their purchasing history. Buy a book, or a barbecue, on Amazon, and you can find out when and for how much in your personal account space.

It’s a normal aspect of online sales. Booking sales is really no exception. If you’ve booked a course, or a tour, or a venue, then the ability to call up these past bookings and transactions, maybe for accounting or administrative reasons, is something that users would expect, as a matter of course.

Technology continues to evolve, and continues, somewhat relentlessly to change the way we experience the world, and go about our lives. And, as we look out at a future of new possibilities, from 5G mobile, to AI, and the Internet of Things, so the expectations customers’ will demand of technology such as online booking systems will expand in different ways. It’s the developers task to continually meet the challenge.

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