Over recent months, with organisations in a period of shutdown or limited service, we’ve noticed a prominent spike in interest for booking systems able to take and manage appointments and similar time-slots.

The queries generally stem from either:

  1. Businesses looking at appointments as a way to interact with clients while adhering to social distancing and health & safety measures


  1. Lockdown has provided an opportunity for businesses to reflect on the way they deliver services in the future; exploring how best to improve both customer experience and operational efficiency.

Appointments not only offer a solution to the current circumstances, but provide long-term benefits as well.

Obviously, the COVID-19 outbreak, lockdown and subsequent need for new safety measures will play a major factor in this consideration.

In order to operate, organisations need to regulate the number of customers on-site at any time, and appointments provide a clear, logical way to help manage this.

But the advantages reach beyond the immediate circumstances offering businesses an effective and profitable way of engaging with clients in the long-term.

Appointment Software

Customers who commit to appointments are more likely to spend than a ‘walk-up’ casual enquirer.

Naturally, appointments don’t work in every scenario.

We still want the ability and convenience to live, work, shop and enjoy our leisure time freely, without having to schedule every last detail of our lives.

But there are undoubted benefits for organisations who do offer service by appointment.

For one, a customer who is prepared to book time to come and see you is more likely to be serious about spending their money with you. The casual browser is unlikely to go to the trouble of putting something in the diary in such a way.

Creating an appointment, taking a concerted action to visit you, is a statement of intent – a clear sign that the person is ready to spend.

Which is good, because…

An Appointment gives you a chance to provide undivided attention and allows you to personalise your offering.

What better way to secure a sale, foster a positive relationship and build trust between customer and business, than to provide a window of time to give your customer undivided attention to address their requirements and deliver an offer personalised to their needs?

And the data backs this up:

  • 77% of consumers have chosen, recommended, or paid more for a brand that provides a personalized service or experience.
  • 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, OR knows their purchase history.

Source: Instapage

The more personal attention you provide a customer, the more you get to understand their requirements, the more accurately you can provide the product of service they need.

The Result?

More sales, better revenue, and greater customer loyalty and retention.

appointment booking system

This is where your appointment booking system can help you.

Putting the right booking system in place for your appointments is pivotal in helping you to deliver a user friendly, consistent and personalised customer experience.

  • Customers have the convenience of searching and booking an appropriate time online, 24/7, rather than having to call or email during working hours, or wait for a response
  • It removes the time-burden from staff, having to handle calls and check diaries, improving efficiency
  • Automated confirmations and reminders, ensures customers are informed and less likely to miss an appointment, without time-consuming manual chasing or reminding
  • The booking journey is the perfect tool to gather information required that will help the personalised service and recommendations at the appointment.

Getting the right appointment software in place can save time, improve efficiency and increase revenue and customer loyalty

As businesses review their practices in light of current circumstances, so the way we engage and service our customers should be at the forefront of thoughts.

If you offer appointment services, or are considering their introduction, then you need to consider the way you manage them and allow your customers to book them.

Self-service, online bookings make it easy for your customers, efficient for your business and can play a major role in the growth of your revenue stream and the loyalty in your brand.

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