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Booking Systems for Tours

Tour Booking Software

A slick, seamless booking journey for guests,
an efficient time-saving system for you.


Tour booking systems made simple

Make it easy for your customers to book the tour of their choice with fast, secure online booking. Our tour booking software allows a booking to be made in less than 3 minutes. Quick, efficient, and designed to improve booking numbers.

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mobile version of the tour booking software customer interface


an email offering 10% off a group booking

More time to invest in Tour Management

Managing tours requires a lot of admin and customer communication. With thinkBooker, much of these essential tasks can be automated, saving you precious time that can be more productively utilised for customer care, or business-growth activity.


24/7 Tour Booking Facility

Online bookings can be easily made at any time of day or night, via mobile, tablet, or desktop; providing convenience to your customers.

Real-time management

A perfect tool for tour leaders, the fully-responsive admin dashboard allows you to manage bookings and access all essential data from any device, in any location, at any time.

Maximise Revenue

The simple booking journey makes it easy for your customers to book multiple tours, or add-on products (excursions, branded clothing, tour guides, for example) in a single transaction.

Tour booking software designed with customers in mind

Bookings are automatically registered onto the ‘My Booking’ area of our tour booking software. This allows customers to view and manage their own bookings with ease, with personal details securely recorded. It also enables them to input pre-tour details, make payments, or book new tours or add-on products.

the 'my booking' screen of the tour booking software