Boosting Efficiency With An Online Course Booking System

Whether you’re a training provider working in the public or private sector, or even an organisation that crosses between the two, the likelihood is that you’re constantly seeking new ways to improve efficiency and productivity in the way that you operate.

And with good reason.

Greater efficiency and productivity is the pathway towards greater cost savings, and increased revenue opportunities. All of which leads to the promised land of a better bottom line. 

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The Costs Attached to Training Courses 

Professional training is an essential part of every industry, and any organisation of any repute will invest in the training of their staff on the essential skills and qualifications that they need to do their job properly. 

However, for the training organisation delivering these courses, there are costs, to both time and the finances, associated with delivery. Such as:

  • Marketing & Business Development
  • Booking delegates onto a respective course
  • Course materials
  • Pre-course planning and delegate communication
  • Venue Hire
  • Equipment
  • Catering and / or accommodating delegates
  • Trainer fees
  • Pre and Post-Course admin

Of course, there will always be those unavoidable costs, and those tasks that have to be carried out each and every time.

But are these tasks being performed in the most efficient, productive fashion for your business? Could a technology solution such as an online course booking system, that would allow delegates to book training courses online help? 

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Deliver efficiency by automating training course booking and management

Let’s be clear, automation is not the advocating of replacing the humans with robots.

The advancement of technology has allowed automated processes to work to the benefit of your workforce, not as a replacement for them. To perform the tasks that eat into a typical working day, and allow your employees to get on with work that drives the business forward.

Think of the amount of time that’s spent on admin when delivering a training course for a client, this could be significantly reduced or even eliminated with a training course booking and management system. The most common time-consuming tasks for training organisations who don’t have adequate online booking tech are: 

  • Booking confirmations
  • Course register
  • Client data
  • Reminder Emails
  • Invoicing / Chasing payments
  • Capturing client needs (dietary requirements, etc)

Essential tasks, but time-consuming ones. How long does it take, for example, for an employee to manually draft a course register of 20 delegates?

Is this the most cost-efficient use of that person’s time?

Think of the time, and by consequence, cost benefits associated with a system that automates this process. Or sends automatic booking confirmations.

The automation should not only save time for practical gain, but also to enhance the personalised service delivered to the client.

Personalised confirmation and reminder emails reduce the time spent on drafting communications with clients, without reducing the level of engagement. While the fact you’re not spending all that time typing at the desk, or endlessly updating a spreadsheet, there’s greater time in the working day for more meaningful, value-adding, relationship-nurturing (and business growing?) contact with your clients.

Client-Side Efficiency

Efficiency leading to greater revenue, profit, growth, or other measurements of success, are not restricted only to enhancing productivity in the office however.

Your clients, those delegates who are selecting which training provider to take their Prince2, Health & Safety, or First Aid course with, are likely looking for someone who can display an air of efficiency and ease in the way they book, register, and pay for courses.

Because these days, don’t we all like things to get done quickly, easily and without too much hassle?

The booking journey therefore should seamlessly allow a customer to create a booking in a matter of minutes, without the hoop-jumping.

Search – Select – Purchase – Confirmation

Successful training providers understand the importance of improving efficiency across all areas of their business, both with internal processes and for the benefits of their clients. An understanding of how automating those essential admin tasks, while offering exceptional and simple user experience adds to both the productivity of your operation, and the reputation of your brand in the marketplace. All of which feeds into a healthily growing business.

Now, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could work with a provider who delivered such seamlessly efficient service to your client, while offering all that time and cost saving benefit in the office? Find out more about how thinkBooker, a booking system for the training industry can improve efficiencies within your organisation and enable delegates to book courses easily online. 

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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