Flexible Booking software designed for growth

With thinkBooker’s online booking software for camps, classes, activities, courses or events, you combine the best in ecommerce to drive sales and a purpose-designed admin suite to manage your bookings, you clients and your business efficiently and productively.

Take a look below and choose the right booking system for your business.

The easier way to take bookings and manage your training courses

Whether for internal training and development or commercial courses, thinkBooker’s course booking software will help transform your business.

Sports & Activity Camps

Whether kids holiday camps, sports clubs or activities of all types for all ages, thinkBooker helps drive sales, increase participation and manage your business more efficiently.

Classes & Lessons

Are you running classes and lessons each week? Then let thinkBooker manage the sales and registrations so you can free up your time to focus on the things that you’re best at.

Training Courses & Workshops

If you’re selling spaces onto intructor-led training courses, classroom or online, then you need thinkBooker’s powerful ecommerce solution and management platform for increased registrations and reduced manual admin.

Events and Experiences

From experiential days to company, social or networking events. With thinkBooker you make it easy for delegates to book, maximising revenue streams while spending less time on admin and ‘chasing the cash.’

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