Online Booking System for Classes

Make it easy to set up and sell with our online booking system for classes. Maximise revenue, bookings and profit while removing the burden of manual admin. Stop running your business and start growing it.

Take bookings 24/7

Never miss a booking because of a closed office. Set-up your classes, advertise them online and allow your clients to book, register and pay for them anytime, anywhere, on any device. More convenience for your customers, more spaces sold on your classes.

Fast & Simple Registers

No more manual updating of registers. With thinkBooker your clients are automatically added to the class register when they book and your instructors can check them in and out digitally on the day. Simple for them and for you.

Maximise your sales

Our booking system for classes and lessons is designed to maximise sales and increase your revenue streams. Upsell merchandise and extra services with each booking, add links to classes in your direct marketing and create promotions to incentivise new and returning customers.

Manage lessons and classes with ease

Don’t spend all your time setting up and managing classes and lessons. The thinkBooker online booking system for classes makes it easy to create templates for classes, lessons and sessions, setting-up as many as you want. Create optional or compulsory sessions. Control capacity, pricing and locations with ease.

An amazing customer experience

Inform and engage your attendees without adding to the workload. Automated confirmations ensure that each booker has all the right info. And, if there’s a change to the class then quickly let them know with our messaging tool.

Marketing and business insight

Keep a real-time view of sales, bookings and customer activity via the dashboard and reporting tools. The booking system provides you with the tools, data and insight to make smarter decisions, helping you scale and grow.

An online booking system for classes, lessons and learning, anytime, any type.

Turbo-charge your class bookings, work smarter and increase customer satisfaction. thinkBooker is the perfect solution to accelerate your business.

Training Providers

Set-up and sell training classes and lessons for your clients and for commercial sale.

Short Course Providers

Whether for professional development or learning a new skill, take bookings with ease.

Education Institutions

Create and manage classes, lessons and extra-curricular activities.

Skills Training

Whether online, in person or blended, simplify instructor-led class bookings.

Sports & Social Clubs

Create, market, sell and organise your classes, lessons, coaching sessions and activities.

Public & 3rd Sector

Simple booking and management of classes, workshops, tests or seminars.

Sell your classes in 3 simple steps

With our booking system for classes, it’s never been easier to set-up and start selling classes and lessons. A hassle-free, easy as 1-2-3 process that allows you to start selling in no time at all.

1. Class set-up

Create templates for your classes and set-up unlimited instances, dates and times. Simply set the capacity, price, destination. Make classes compulsory or optional and add extras or merchanise for upselling.

2. Save and publish each class online

When you’ve set your classes up you can publish them to go live and start selling straightaway. Alternatively, you can keep classes unpublished until you’re ready to start taking bookings.

3. Market and start taking bookings

Once the classes are published and live, you can start marketing them to your clients. Direct link to categories or specific classes, share on social or direct mail, and keep track of all new bookings through the dashboard and booking admin.

Booking software for all kinds of classes

Our online booking system for classes helps your customers to search, find, book and pay for every class, lesson or workshop you run. Providing a positive customer experience that encourages repeat bookings and long-term loyalty to your business and your brand.

But it’s not just your customers who benefit.

Through simple processes, easy navigation and automated tasks, the booking system makes life easier for your team, reducing admin and freeing up time to focus on growing the business and delivering the best service possible.

No matter if you’re providing educational services, skills training, coaching or hobbies and activities, thinkBooker’s class booking software helps you maximise efficiency, revenue and brand loyalty from the moment you put it live.

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