Why It Matters That Your Course Booking System Saves Time

There’s a lot to think about when putting on and managing a course or series of courses. From filling the available spaces with delegates, to hiring a venue, scheduling an instructor, taking payments, organising catering and chasing up various communications, the list of ‘Things to Do’ can eat into a huge amount of time.

The more time taken on the operational and administrative, the less time you are spending on other areas of the business, which can have a potential impact on productivity and profit.

But, what if you could reduce these tasks through your course booking system? 

Whether small business or large, private enterprise or public sector institution, organisations will always be looking for ways to enhance the efficiencies of their operations and the way their staff work.

For those involved in running or putting on events such as training courses, this means finding a way to streamline the booking processes, freeing staff from the burden of excess admin and releasing new time in the day for more productive, business-developing tasks.

Why spend all that time on the mundane, but essential, tasks that a well-developed course booking system can take care of with minimum fuss?

By investing in the right system for your organisation, you can automate key tasks in the booking processes that will save you time and make for more productive and profitable course management. 

more efficient booking system

Automating booking management sets your team free from the shackles of endless admin

Yes, there’s a lot of important information to be organised and captured in order to run a successful course.

The ‘old-fashioned’ method would require someone to input a delegate’s details, possibly multiple times (diary, invoice or confirmation, course register). Then there would likely be the email sent out to confirm, the call to arrange for payments and the reminder a few days before the event.

Doing this for one single customer is long-winded in itself. Doing it for tens, maybe hundreds of delegates is going to eat into a major chunk of time.

Seriously, is manually manging this process really a valuable use of your staff member’s time, when their skillsets could be more effectively and profitably deployed?

This is the type of work your course booking system should be managing automatically.

The old ways are laborious, and while the tasks are essential, manually managing them is an inefficient use of your team’s time. How often does it fall upon the sales, marketing or customer service team to carry out these tasks alongside the rest of their workload?

Then consider the amount of time lost to sales and business development as a consequence.

Tasks such as compiling course registers can take hours, sometimes days to compile – not to mention the fact they then need to be updated as soon as a new booking is made, or cancellation requested.

With your course booking system, this task is instantaneous.

Cut the ‘faff’ for your customers and reap the rewards of long-term loyalty

Efficiency in the services you provide has a high value.

We’ve spoken more than once about the expectations of a modern customer-base, driven by instant-access technology.

If someone is looking for a product, a service, or to secure a place on one of your courses, then you can be pretty sure they are wanting to search, select, book and be confirmed with as little fuss as possible.

Your course booking system should be as efficient in use and accessibility for your customers as it is for your staff. Getting it right on both sides go hand in hand when it comes to long-term success and customer loyalty.

Customers have a booking journey they can get along with easily, and staff, freed from admin overload, with the time to focus on managing relationships, dealing with queries and engaging with new prospects, selling your service, your expertise and the efficient, enjoyable experience you can deliver at every step of the way.

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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