Whether for internal, organisational reasons, or commercial activities such as a professional training or room hire, there are compelling reasons why universities can benefit from implementing online booking systems as part of their technological environment.

An Online Booking System Helps the Commercial Activities Vital to University Revenue

With Universities and Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across the country constantly challenged to find sustainable income streams, we examine ways in which online booking systems can play a key role in driving regular revenue from a variety of commercial avenues.

Booking system for universities

A Simple Way to Book Meeting Rooms Can Utilise Resources and Generate Income

An increased demand for flexible working space and temporary use of meeting rooms, represents opportunities for growth for universities. With a large estate of rooms of varying styles, sizes and layouts, being able to utilise them commercially when not in academic use can generate a valuable and ongoing source of revenue.

Clients looking for meeting venues of this type will, invariably, have an expectation to make the booking with as little friction as possible.

Correctly implementing the right online booking system will provide your customers with a smooth and simple booking process, enabling them to see your portfolio of rooms through dedicated landing pages, to find, book and pay for available rooms for the times they want.

A user-friendly booking journey is a primary tool in generating return clients, and helping your site to become the go-to venue for meetings.

Room bookings at universities

The Value of Non-Term Residential Bookings

The standard of student accommodation across UK universities has, in the past 15 years, become better and better. Fee paying parents and the influx of overseas students in this time driving up the expectation levels when it comes to the quality of Halls of Residence.

Depending on the size of the institution, a university is likely to have anywhere from 800 to more than 3,000 rooms available in their Halls of Residences.

Meaning a lot of rooms of reasonable to high quality that, for around 3 months of the year, remain empty.

Of course, most universities will make these rooms available to the public to book (typically for tourists, or those attending an event). However, how well publicised is this availability at your campus?

Furthermore, how are bookings managed and processed? Is it easy for the customer to view your rooms, check availability or make a booking? How much time does it take your staff to secure a booking?

We’re all more than used to using online tools to book rooms when we’re travelling so if your university is not utilising an online facility, then how much might it be costing you in lost revenue?

Filling the Spaces on Your Training Courses

Commercial services teams at universities across the country are generally working tirelessly to build up the reputation of their institution as a provider of first-class commercial training.

But how easy are you making it to get clients booked onto the courses?

Professional and commercial training is a highly competitive environment, with universities regularly competing with colleges and companies from the private sector. As with all sectors, winning contracts or securing ‘bums on seats’ depends heavily on your reputation to deliver a quality course and on the customer experience you can provide.

Fail on either, and you jeopardise the business.

By implementing an online booking system that reflects the brand identity of the university, while making it easy for clients to secure places on their chosen courses, helps to reinforce the reputation as a trusted provider, while also delivering the convenience that clients would expect from such an organisation.

Universities are vibrant, busy environments, with so many different departments and people engaged in all manner of projects and initiatives. Whether booking rooms for a specific part of a campus, running a training programme for a specific client or partner, or managing the facilities across the entire estate, providing a platform that makes it easier for the user to book and quicker for the admin team to process can make a fundamental difference in the university’s ability to maximise revenue opportunities from their resources.

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