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Everyone’s Talking About Customer Experience

31 January 2018 / by Gareth Hill

Take a little digital stroll through your LinkedIn or Twitter feed, It probably won’t be long until you hit upon an article talking about customer experience.

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Technology And The Online Advantage for Real-World Experience

25 January 2018 / by Gareth Hill

Digital and physical no longer operate as separate entities. One feeds into the other, and our lives tend to move seamlessly between the two.

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4 Reasons for Delivering Epic Customer Experience to Your Clients

10 January 2018 / by Gareth Hill

Businesses who frequently deliver exceptional customer experience can be the crucial differentiator between them and their rivals in a crowded marketplace.

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How Technology and the Booking System is Likely to Evolve in 2018

28 December 2017 / by Gareth Hill

In this article we cast an eye into the future to speculate how changing technology may impact on the development of online booking systems in 2018.

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Merry Christmas from thinkBooker

22 December 2017 / by Gareth Hill

We reflect on what a busy, exciting, and progressive 12 months it’s been for thinkBooker and for the online booking landscape as a whole.

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4 Ways That Automation Can Benefit Your Booking Processes

18 December 2017 / by Gareth Hill

The customer experience you deliver and the time spent managing the processes can both have a major impact on revenue, efficiency, and ultimately, profit.

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