Active Day Camps Case Study

Kids Camps & Activities Booking System

About Active Day Camps

Founded in 2016, Active Day Camps (ADC) provides inclusive and specialist activities for children aged 3–12, in both term-time and school holidays.

The company’s mission is to provide inspiring and exciting activities that children look forward to and remember.

Their Needs

Bookings and online activity had previously been via an existing self-designed website and an off-the-shelf ecommerce platform. While this had served a purpose in the formative years of the company, there had been a realisation, as the business had grown, that there were inefficiencies in the system that needed to be addressed.

This included looking at improvements in the booking management processes, with an inordinate amount of time being spent compiling registers, gathering required information and putting together meaningful reports.

In addition, it was identified that customer experience could be improved through a modernised website and a booking journey that would be quick, easy and accessible for customers on any device, at any time of the day.

Our Challenge

  • Improve the onsite customer experience and brand identity through a modern, attractively designed website that’s easy to navigate.
  • Simplify the customer booking journey so that they are able to easily search and book onto camps, on any device 24/7, with a simple payment and registration process.
  • To improve operational efficiency and save time for Active Day Camps staff by reducing manual admin workload.
  • Make it easy to manage and configure the camps so that customers have the ability to select individual days or full weeks.
  • Encourage more booking opportunities through a variety of payment methods including the ability to take, manage and validate childcare vouchers with ease.
  • Improve customer retention through a simplified rebooking process that can be carried out through their own account.
  • Better management of customer data for future marketing activities.
  • Allow Active Day Camps to increase revenue and offer promotions.

The Booking System

  • Full design and development of a new Active Day Camps website with a fully integrated booking system, all hosted on the same domain.
  • A website that reflects the Active Day Camps brand, showcases the different activities and camps available and makes it easy for customers to find and book the service they require.
  • A mobile-responsive booking journey and intuitive search allowing customers to quickly find and book on any device.
  • Multiple payment options that allow customers to make payments via PayPal, Stripe and the acceptance of childcare vouchers to be redeemed against the value of a booking.
  • An ecommerce extras function allowing customers to purchase additional items within the same transaction (e.g. extended childcare, lunch and merchandise).
  • Automation of several admin tasks including bookings and payments, gathering attendee information for health and safety compliance, compiling registers and customer communication including confirmations, reminders and post-even emails.
  • Ability for staff to take bookings over the phone and in-person through a booking manager function.
  • Quick access to real-time financial and customer reports including a key metrics dashboard.
  • Childcare voucher validation tool which makes it easy to confirm voucher redemptions.
  • Ability for Active Day Camps to offer discount codes on specific products or offer priority booking, and allow customers to book onto a waiting list for sold out courses.
  • Automatic set-up of a customer account upon the first booking, making it easy for customer to re-book in the future.
  • A CRM database which securely stores customer data and transactional history, allowing Active Day Camps to gain customer insight and run targeted marketing campaigns.

The Results

300 New Customers

300 new customers signed-up for camps during the first 4 months, despite COVID lockdown

5 New Venues

By freeing up manpower ADC have been able to expand their services to 5 new venues in London


ADC added more than £170,000 in revenue thanks to the launch of the new booking system

"In what has been a difficult time for holiday camps, the thinkBooker system has given us the time and freed up manpower to help expand the company. we can’t thank the thinkBooker team enough and look forward to working together in the years to come."

Fergus Morgan

Co-Director, Active Day Camps