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Jacksonville Jaguars

Online booking for Coaching Camp & Playing Academy


The Intro

Florida-based NFL franchise, Jacksonville Jaguars, have been developing a presence in the UK since 2013, following their debut appearance at Wembley Stadium, as part of the NFL International Series.

They’ve since played one of their home fixtures in each subsequent season, with a commitment to continue to do so until at least 2020 – the only NFL franchise (to date) to make such a pledge.


Their Aims

  • Increase their UK fanbase
  • Improve UK brand awareness
  • Promote their Se7ens Cup Tournament
  • Increase participation


Their Needs

The Jags needed a website aimed at their UK market and fan-base, which would promote their Playing and Coaching Academies and the Se7ens Cup, with a booking system that was seamlessly integrated into the site that visitors could quickly and easily book onto courses and sign-up for the events.


Our Challenge

  • Build a fully responsive website that visitors could navigate and book easily on any type of device
  • Adhere fully to the brand image, look and feel of the Jacksonville Jaguars official NFL style
  • Be able to capture data, manage bookings and provide a platform for communicating with customers
  • Complete the project from design stage to booking integration and roll-out within 6 weeks.


The Work


Our UX team set to work to create a site that delivered a seamless, smooth and fast booking journey across all devices; deploying a positive user experience to encourage sign-ups to the academies, and registration to the tournament.

The Work


Building on the UX foundations, the design team created a site that had the right look, feel, and brand image was applied to the site. The site’s design had to adhere to the strict Brand Guidelines of the NFL franchise, while appealing to both the existing core of UK-based American Football fans as well as newcomers to the sport.

The Work


The thinkBooker system was integrated into the new site, tailored to the specific needs of the Jaguars, allowing:

  • The ability to only allow individuals to book from a ballot of selected players, meaning the Jaguars had the ability to upload a spreadsheet of potential bookers, with the site managing who could book
  • Automated messaging, allowing bespoke communication with customers


The Outcome

Key results since the launch of the site have included:

37 teams 37 teams signing up for the Se7ens Cup in the first year
200 individuals More than 200 individuals signed up for the playing and coaching academies
50 places all sold out The 2017 Se7ens Cup going from strength to strength with all 50 available places sold out within 2 months


Jacksonville Jaguars 2
"Following the launch of our new online booking processes we’ve seen
a lot of engagement from our players and a high volume of bookings
proving the success of our new website"
Bertie Graham, UK Commercial Manager,
NFL UK and Jacksonville Jaguars