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21 Jul

21 July 2017 / by Gareth Hill

In this article, we’ll examine the importance of the API, and how its development is the reason it’s possible to access social media or Google maps via a mobile device, find a cheap flight on a search engine, or watch your favourite vlogger on YouTube.

18 Jul
Sports booking

18 July 2017 / by Gareth Hill

Technology has embedded itself into almost all aspects of the sporting arena: professional or amateur. To improve the game, or enhance the experience for the spectators. To boost performance, or reduce mistakes. To draw in greater fans, or encourage more participation.

06 Jul
Online booking advice

06 July 2017 / by Gareth Hill

One of the by-products of living in a society so dominated by technological innovation is the increased levels of expectations customers place in the products, services, and devices they use.

26 Jun

26 June 2017 / by Craig Delonnette

Since the inception of thinkBooker, one of our primary aims for the software has been to improve and bring greater efficiency to the online booking process. To cut the journey from ‘select’ to ‘purchase’ to as small a time as possible, while ensuring the essential detail is captured, and the transaction is confirmed and secure.

15 Jun

15 June 2017 / by Gareth Hill

We're delighted to announce that we're working with Essex-based Stubbers Adventure Centre to develop thinkBooker for their online booking solutions.

13 Jun

13 June 2017 / by Gareth Hill

We thought it was an honour to just be nominated at the inaugural WalesOnline Digital Awards. So you can imagine how thrilled we were to win the Best Emerging Technology award.

21 May
Online booking advice

21 May 2017 / by Craig Delonnette

We explore the ways in which businesses can engage and retain customers after the booking journey.

03 May

03 May 2017 / by Craig Delonnette

We're pleased to say we've been shortlisted for an award at the 2017 Wales Online Digital Awards.