5 Popular Non-Sport Activities for Kids

Extracurricular activities, after-school clubs and holiday camps are a great thing for kids to take part in, and play a key role in their development.

They enable kids to learn discipline, self-esteem, organisation, social skills, and the importance of teamwork. The kind of soft skills and willingness to take part and learn new things that are vital complements to academic and vocational achievements as they grow towards adulthood and potential career paths.

Of course, every child is unique. They all have varied interests and passions. And, that’s good, because the world would be a boring place if we all liked the same things. While many kids will get enthused by taking up a sport or related physical activity, there are a great many others who seek similar stimulation and have their interests piqued from activities that don’t involve a ball or muddy field.

Thankfully, there are plenty of activity providers allowing you to book classes, camps and after-school clubs in a huge range of non-sporting activities.

Sign Your Kids Up for Music Clubs

Music is a great activity for children who aren’t into sports. Learning to play an instrument stimulates brain cells which improve functions such as memory and abstract reasoning skills, essential for maths and science.

It improves hand-eye coordination and helps kids grow socially and academically. Also, instruments need maintenance, which creates a level of responsibility for children as they learn to take care of it themselves.

Holiday Drama Activities or After-School Clubs

Drama is the perfect activity for those non-athletic kids who still want to be seen.

Drama classes teach children a range of skills that are useful in later life. They instill creativity and self-expression and allows children to think outside the box, helpful for problem-solving in their personal lives and future careers. One of the most important benefits of attending drama classes is a boost in self-confidence, plus a chance for your child to make new friends outside of their usual circle.

Booking Software Coding Classes for your Kids

Coding and software development classes have grown in popularity in recent years, with new clubs springing up around the country. It’s not entirely a shock, of course. Coding is a basic literacy in the modern age, and children should develop an understanding of how the technology around them works.

Coding classes offer a fun and inclusive way to introduce the concepts of software development, allowing kids a stepping stone to developing websites, apps, and video games.

It’s a valuable skill which helps children with communication, creativity, maths, writing, and developing confidence.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Your child may be more interested in subjects like science and maths rather than being passionate about sports, and that’s brilliant.

Learning doesn’t have to stop when school breaks for summer. There are STEM summer camps and after-school clubs offer a range of activities to book onto aimed at building on school-based learning in ways that are fun, engaging and ideal for those future scientists and engineers looking for stimulation.

A healthy mix of additional learning in a safe, entertaining environment while developing key life skills along the way.

Sign Up For After-School or Holiday Chess Club?

Like physical sports, chess clubs have a sense of community and social interaction essential to a healthy childhood. Chess clubs are great for making new friends and interacting with teachers and instructors in positive ways.

There are countless benefits from learning the game which includes developing divergent thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as learning that every action has consequences. Before you move a piece, you must seriously think about it, and that also applies to any situation that occurs in life.


There’s a whole world out there filled with awesome opportunities waiting for your child to take advantage of, and everyone is good at something.

Wherever you reside across the country, it’s certain that there’ll be an after-school club or holiday camp that fits the interests of your kids. Have a search on Google for providers near you and find an activity to book your kids onto for the next holidays.

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