Course & Class Registers: Eliminating the Time Drain

Automating course registers in your online booking system reduces manual admin and saves your team hours We all know that registers are really important when it comes to managing delegates and bookings onto courses, classes and events. But compiling them and ensuring they’re up-to-date can be something of a pain. And certainly a task that […]

5 Ways Technology Has Changed Customer Expectations

Technological advancement has risen the bar when it comes to customer expectation. With digital tools that allow access to products, services and information at any time of day with just the swish of a thumb, so companies must continue innovating and improving the customer experience to boost sales, bolster their customer retention rate, and remain […]

Everyone’s Talking About Customer Experience

Take a digital stroll through your LinkedIn or Twitter feed, or browse the hot topics on the business, marketing and retail news sites and blogs. It probably won’t be long until you hit upon an article talking about customer experience. One of those en vogue phrases of our time. It’s the world attuning to the […]

Training Course Marketing: 3 Ways to Increase Bookings

A successful training course marketing strategy is the key to letting your target market know why they should be getting the qualifications from you, and maximising the bookings and registrations you need to fill every space on every course you run. After all, you may have the most amazing selection of courses, at amazing venues […]

Holiday Camp Bookings: Why Parents Love An Easy Process

As a parent or guardian, one of the frustrations about booking kids onto a holiday camp or activity is the time it can take, or the hoops you have to jump through, to get a place confirmed. Make the booking process quick and easy, and parents will love you for it. Parents want to book […]

5 Popular Non-Sport Activities for Kids

Extracurricular activities, after-school clubs and holiday camps are a great thing for kids to take part in, and play a key role in their development. They enable kids to learn discipline, self-esteem, organisation, social skills, and the importance of teamwork. The kind of soft skills and willingness to take part and learn new things that […]

Activity Providers: 3 Ways to fill spaces in under-booked activities

As an activity provider it can always be a little galling to have spare places left available to sell come the day of the event. Spare capacity means lost revenue. In this article we’ll explore some of the ways that you can try to minimise these lost sales and maximise the placements on your activities, […]

Manage My Booking: The Benefit of User Accounts in your Booking System

Allowing your customers to have their own user accounts to manage their bookings and transaction histories should be a fundamental consideration when implementing a booking system into your business. Get this part of your business process right and it can deliver long-term gains operationally and commercially, across some of the key drivers to success in […]

6 Reasons Admin Overload is Hurting Your Training Organisation

As a training provider, you’ve probably had to pivot towards some form of digital adoption due to the COVID pandemic. But have you done enough? Are you still using old-fashioned methods when it comes to onboarding, registering and getting new clients booked and signed up? Don’t fret, you’re not alone. The training and education sector […]

How to Grow Customer Loyalty With The Booking Process

Trying to secure bookings for your products and services is a challenge when markets are crowded and competition is fierce. Having a loyal customer-base, therefore, happy to return to you time and again, is of fundamental importance for long-term, sustainable growth. Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay  While you may have explored marketing strategies aimed at personalising your […]