4 Reasons for Delivering Epic Customer Experience to Your Clients

When we talk about customer experience, we’re effectively referring to each and every occasion that a customer has interaction with a business. This might be anything from viewing an advertisement, to making a purchase or using the product or service.

It’s the experience that a customer has at every touchpoint, all of which feeds into the perception that customer has of the business.

Through the internet, social media, and all the other ‘traditional’ outlets such as TV, radio, print or, yes, even face-to-face human contact, the twenty-first century buyer is, typically, a savvy operator who knows what they want, when they want it, and how they expect it to be delivered.

Making the need to deliver a positive, expectation-exceeding experience at every occasion, can be the crucial differentiator between you and your rivals in a crowded marketplace.

1.      The Power of Word of Mouth

It’s an age-old adage of marketing that word of mouth is the best kind of endorsement that a business can receive. This remains a truism in the internet and social media age.

In fact, so ubiquitous is the use of social media in our culture, that word of mouth is as important (if not more) than ever before, with a recent study showing that 92% of consumers trust a recommendation from friend or family member more than any other source of marketing.

If you’re delivering a positive experience, if you’re easy to engage with, or offer online customer journeys that are simple to navigate, then you’re offering more reason for clients to refer your services to their loved ones.

2.      Standing Out from the Crowded Competition

With so many outlets and so much choice available to the modern consumer,

it’s all too easy for a business to get lost in the crowd.

The speed and ease of access that mobile technology has given us means consumers have a growing expectation that processes such as online bookings and scheduling should be easy and devoid from the temptation to throw your phone at the wall in anger.

A memorable, enjoyable, or even just a noticeably hassle-free experience has the power therefore to help you stand out from those who lag behind.

3.      Positive Engagement

We’ve probably all seen examples of social media exchanges between customer and company, where things have escalated quickly and, in some cases ugly. They’re examples both of the power that social media exerts in our lives, and also of the importance in meaningful engagement with your clients.

Of course, social media is indeed a powerful tool for engaging in with clients, but it’s not the be all and end all when it comes to keeping clients informed and maintaining a positive experience.

Using the online booking example again (and why wouldn’t we?) the ability to keep a customer informed through the journey can be a vital way of reinforcing the value you place in their business. Email or SMS that confirms the booking, and related details; a reminder to upload important pre-event information, or even a gentle reminder that they need to pay their balance.

And after the booking has taken place?

Well, there’s the thanks for attending, and the customer feedback survey, the information from which can be fed back into your services to refine the experience even more in the future.

4.      Brand Loyalty = Greater Revenue

Investing in the best customer experience possible can be the difference between the one-off, occasional sale and the long-term repeat customer.

If your customers are satisfied with the products, services and experience working with you then there’s greater incentive to remain loyal to your brand.

Making life easy and enjoyable for your clients, and fostering a reputation as a company that cares about their clients’ well-being is a path to profitability. Customers who develop a loyalty to a brand are the golden ticket when it comes to long-term revenue increases.

Studies show that customers with a connection to a particular brand will be less price-sensitive in their spending, and likely to be more receptive to new ideas and innovation; coming from someone for whom they’ve developed a trust.

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