New Room Booking System for Cardiff Metropolitan University

We take pride in thinkBooker’s ability to provide versatile booking solutions, equipped to meet the challenges and needs of multi-faceted organisations. It is for this reason that we were so pleased to be able to work with Cardiff Metropolitan University on delivery of a new internal room booking system.

Cardiff Met University Room Booking System

About Cardiff Met University

With its roots in education dating back to the 19th Century, Cardiff Met University has gone through a series of iterations and changes over the decades, emerging today as one of the most prominent Higher Education establishments in South Wales.

A modern, progressive university, Cardiff Met operates across two main campuses within the Welsh capital (Llandaff and Cyncoed). With a broad range of courses, modern amenities (including one of the country’s leading sports facilities) and city location, it’s a hugely popular destination for students from the UK and internationally.

The Booking System

The thinkBooker system has been introduced to provide a user-friendly, convenient online solution for members of staff to be able to search and quickly book available meeting rooms across the two campuses.

Accessible via the staff’s online portal, the room booking system has been designed to match the look, feel and brand guidelines of the existing Cardiff Met website and intranet; while providing a visually attractive and easy-to-navigate booking journey that ensures staff can quickly find available rooms and make a booking in seconds.

Convenient, Efficient & Simple to Use

The introduction of a new system to make room bookings was to ensure that it was easy for the staff to be able to book and manage their own bookings via desktop, laptop, tablet or phone, while at the same time providing the admin teams responsible for campus meeting rooms to have a platform that helped make their working day more efficient.

This has been achieved through the launch of thinkBooker, thanks to a series of features, such as:

  • Single Sign-On – Integrating the system into the University’s Microsoft ADFS single sign-on means staff can instantly access the site once logged into their main University account, without having to register or log-in anywhere else; providing an ease of access across all devices
  • Simple Booking Journey – Staff can search for available rooms by date, time and location, view room details (such as layout and equipment options) and make a booking in a couple of clicks. There are also links to related services to be able to order catering or parking, if required.
  • Room Management – Understanding that staff members will have changeable schedules the system makes it easy for them to access their booking and quickly cancel a room booking should they no longer require it. This also helps the university better utilise the rooms, reducing the number of no-shows.
  • Admin and reception tools – An easy to access timetable calendar allows admin and reception staff to get an overview of all bookings made across all rooms on campus, making it quick and easy to respond to queries
  • Automated emails – Booking confirmations and reminders are sent automatically, reducing the workload for admin and reception staff while encouraging greater utilisation by alerting staff that they have a room booked against their name.

An Exciting Move into Higher Education

To be working with a modern and forward-thinking HE establishment such as Cardiff Met University is a perfect fit for the dynamic and ever-evolving thinkBooker platform.

The ability to create efficient and value-adding booking and scheduling solutions for rooms, facilities, courses, events or staff and resources allows thinkBooker to meet the often complex challenges and requirements present in a university environment, on a single, easily accessible platform. Offering a cost-effective and fully scalable long-term solution across multiple campuses, departments and faculties.

The Cardiff Met room booking system is now into its second semester, having already managed thousands of bookings. We’re looking forward to working closely with the university moving into the future, excited at the ways in which the system will continue to evolve and support the business in the years ahead.

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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