New Website and Booking System For Active Day Camps

This week saw the kick-off of another exciting new project for the thinkBooker team in the shape of a new website and integrated online booking system for Active Day Camps.

About Active Day Camps

Founded in 2016 and operating from 3 locations across London (with plans to expand further in the near future), Active Day Camps provide inclusive and specialist activities, for children aged 3–12.  

Running both in term-time and school holidays, the primary objective for the business is to provide inspiring and exciting activities that children look forward to and remember.

Recognising that children have a broad range of interests, Active Day Camps run a wide variety of different activities, from sports to creative and artistic, to ensure there’s something for every child, all at the same location.

While the existing website and booking system had helped the business grow in the first few years, the team at Active Day Camps recognised that the time had come for a change in order to benefit customers and staff alike.

The company requires a quick and easy booking process and effective communication tools that will enhance the customer experience.  They also require a comprehensive back-end system which will automate many tasks that are currently being done manually by the Active Day Camp team.  The aim is to save valuable time and improve overall operational efficiency.  

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Activity Camps Booking Website

The project involves the design and development of a new company website with a fully integrated camps and courses booking system, which will all be accessible on one URL.

A single back-end platform will combine the admin tools and functionality of thinkBooker and our thinkCMS content management system, allowing Active Day Camps to manage all web content, bookings and data via the same dashboard in the back-end.   

The system will also include our thinkShopper ecommerce solution, which will allow Active Day Camps to up-sell extras such as lunches, merchandise and gift vouchers to customers at the point of booking. 

Each customer will have an account automatically created for them, with all of their details and booking history available for them to view.  This will also allow them to re-book quickly and easily without having to re-input their details and those of their children.  All data is stored securely within our thinkCRM database, which Active Day Camps will be able to segment and use for marketing purposes.

Key Features of the project include:

  • Design and development of new booking website
  • Brand consistent user and booking experience
  • Content management system to add and edit web pages, images and other site content
  • Mobile responsive booking journey for activities and camps
  • Make multiple bookings on a single transaction
  • Taking payments online via a secure gateway
  • Automated confirmation and reminder emails
  • Easy management of camps and other products
  • Manage discount codes and childcare vouchers
  • Upsell of extras at the point of booking
  • Waiting lists for fully booked courses
  • Real-time metrics viewable via a mobile responsive dashboard
  • GDPR compliant, secure CRM database

Active Day Camps

Rebby Wallis, Founder and CEO of Active Day Camps 

“Following the success and growth of our business over the past few years, we’ve reached a point where we’ve outgrown our current technology and online presence. To enable us to continue growing and delivering the best service to our loyal customers, it was important that we modernise our website and improve the booking journey.

“When choosing to work with thinkBooker it was clear to us that not only were they offering a new modern website and booking system on a single platform, but that we’d be working with a team of passionate and experienced individuals with a keen interest in our products and services; something we didn’t get from other providers we spoke with. We’re really excited about the future and can’t wait for the system to go live.”

Gareth Rees Jones, Managing Director of thinkBooker

“We’re delighted that Active Day Camps have chosen to work with us, for their new website and booking system. The thinkBooker system has a strong legacy when it comes to courses, camps and activities bookings, from our work with the likes of the Jacksonville Jaguars, Welsh Rugby Union, Smash Camps and Premiership Rugby.

“Having an ambitious company like Active Day Camps coming on board is something to be genuinely excited about. Their positive, inclusive message and wide array of activities is certainly something we look forward to helping grow in the coming years.”

The new booking website is scheduled to go live in early Autumn 2020. 

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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