One of the fears about implementing new technology into a business is that it threatens to remove the human touch*. It’s an argument we’ve often heard about the introduction of online booking systems; that allowing people the convenience of making a booking online means that businesses lose the connection between themselves and the client.


Emphasis on Customer Experience (CX) has never been higher

Digital and online technology has changed expectations when it comes to modern customer experience.

Businesses are no longer just compared against competitors from within their industry, but against all companies and organisations.

Offering a poor, disjointed experience will lead to a dwindling customer-base, disloyal to your brand and unmotivated to buy from you in the future.

Meeting the expectation of the modern customer keeps you in the game.

But, delivering the kind of CX that sticks in the mind is the vehicle that can drive the brand-loyalty that leads to a strong base of repeat-customers.

Technology is not a replacement for people

Businesses who are using technology to replace the human element are implementing for the wrong reasons and are most likely harming their brand.

Tech innovation such as the development of AI and the Internet of Things are pretty extraordinary, no question about that. What we can get our tech to do these days would blow the mind of many a sci-fi writer of old.

But these innovations shouldn’t be taken as a sign that the machines are taking over, or used as a way of removing the personal aspect of corporate cultures.

Rather, we have technology tools that can enhance the human touch, creating the personalised customer experiences that are expected and demanded.  

My customers still like to speak to a person

While this may be undeniably true, why should the use of an online booking system be a threat to this?

Besides, do most of your customers really prefer to pick up the phone to book an appointment, or a place on your course, or to book a meeting room?

Providing an automated, online way to make a booking is not removing the human touch, but creating more options for your customers to interact with you in the way that they want.

You’re not compromising your culture, rather you are putting your customer first, giving them the choice.

For those few who still want to phone? Or those more complex bookings that might require a chat beforehand?

No problem, your system will accommodate that. In fact, as it is taking care of the more straightforward bookings, it’s actually freeing up your time to deal with those calls.

Blending the human and digital experience

Technology such as online booking systems are implemented to improve the overall experience we provide our customers; offering greater choice in the way they interact and transact with us. 

They should not be brought into replace the human element of the business, but to enhance it.

To remove the administrative burden that comes with traditional booking management and to free up time for you and your staff to place greater focus on delivering the support and personalised service that encourages loyalty, advocacy and growth.

*The Economist 

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