4 Ways Automated Booking Systems Help Retain Course Customers

Automating Your Training Course Bookings Will Help Customer Retention

When it comes to booking places onto the courses you run, make no mistake, the way in which you manage the process is a significant touchpoint between you and your customers.

Get it right and you can have customers for life. Get it wrong and your courses may forever be cursed with empty seats.

Keeping It Simple

Complexity in your booking process is a sure fire way to turn customers away from your courses. No matter if it’s a professional training course, a class for hobbyists or a new gym session, keeping the booking journey simple is vital for getting and retaining your customers.

Too often, in legacy booking systems or manual processes, making a booking can be fraught with hurdles and time delays. Think of the time that elapses, for instance, between an enquiry and a response.

With an online booking system you are able to offer customers a process that’s simple and quick to use, by:

  • Limiting the amount of steps in the process to as few as possible. Every step is a barrier and a chance for customers to abandon
  • Creating a booking journey that goes from search (enquiry) to confirmed in a matter of minutes
  • Making the navigation easy on every device. If a customer can’t instantly see and book the course they want, they may just move on and book it elsewhere

An Automated Booking System Provides Convenience For Your Customers

Not only should your booking system deliver a fast and convenient initial booking process, but throughout every stage of interaction and engagement that you have with them.


Because an automated booking system can:

  • Let the customer book their place on your course at any time of the day or night
  • Let the customer book onto more than one course in a single transaction
  • Keep your customers engaged with automated booking confirmation emails or text messages
  • Provide customers with access to their own personal info and booking history
  • Make it easy for returning customers to book onto new courses
  • Send out reminders or updates about any changes to the course information

Moreover, the typical modern consumer tends to find favour with companies who offer a good, convenient self-service facility.

simple and convenient booking system

Reduced Booking Admin Equals More Focus on Customer Service

If you have invested in a quality online booking system, then you have invested in software that is going to save you a whole lotta time.

By automating the booking journey, messaging, payments, registers and reports you are effectively eliminating all those previously manual admin tasks that ate into so much of your time.

Meaning more time for more productive activities, such as business development, marketing and giving you to time focus your attention on your customers.

You Can Get To Know Your Customers Better

Your booking system can be a powerful tool when it comes to gathering customer insight. Having a secure record of your customers, what courses they’ve signed onto and similar purchasing habits offers priceless information that can be utilised for personalised engagement in the future.

That customer whose First Aid certificate is about to expire in a few months?

It’d would be good to send them a link to the next available course, wouldn’t it? Automated booking systems are the first step to automated courses for users!

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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