6 Benefits of Resource Booking Software

Does your business take bookings for meeting rooms, venues, pieces of equipment, or even your staff’s time?

Whether for internal bookings or commercial sales, to ensure that you’re maximising these resources, it’s important that you have an effective and robust booking system in place.

As digital tech makes many of our traditional paper-based processes more and more obsolete, so it is that organisations look towards online solutions for taking and managing bookings for their rooms or other resources.

In this article, we’ll look at the key benefits that you should expect to receive from any resource booking software that you’re thinking of investing in.

Reducing office paper waste

No Paper, Less Waste

We’re all ever more aware of our personal and corporate responsibility towards environmental concerns and the reduction of waste.

Paper is a major cause of waste in the average office. Each office worker in the UK consumes an average of 10,000 sheets of paper each year, the equivalent of approximately £40 per employee, per year.  

That’s a significant amount of money, and a huge amount of waste generated.

Migrating both the booking system, and booking management, to an online solution can provide a significant tool in the quest for that paperless office, reducing unnecessary ongoing costs and helping your organisation become more environmentally friendly.

A Simplified Journey to Increase Bookings and Repeat Business

If you are hiring your resources to external customers then it’s important to maximise the returns, and get those customers to come back and book again on a regular basis.

We all want to access things online in the most frictionless, immediate way.

Online booking journeys, that offer a simple, fast and round-the-clock means of searching and booking for what you need, are a proven way to get more people booking and returning to book on a repeat basis.

Introduce a user-friendly, easy to use booking system and you are telling your customers that they don’t need to look anywhere else, ever.

More Time for Business Development and Customer Service

A well-developed resource booking system reduces the manual admin burden that can be massive drain on the time of your staff.

Taking phone calls, responding to emails, checking availability, taking payments, sending out confirmation and reminder emails, and updating calendars and diaries all add up the time taken for one single booking (this can typically be 20 – 30 minutes per booking).

Your online booking system should reduce or even eliminate these tasks, giving all that time back to your staff to be re-focused on activities aimed at growing the business and improving the customer experience.

Better Staff Satisfaction = More Productive Staff

While we might immediately consider the benefits of booking systems from the perspective of the external customer, it really shouldn’t be overlooked how much of a positive impact that user-friendly software can have on your staff.

If you have confidence in the system that you are using on a daily basis, and see the benefits that it’s having on your job, it can have a major impact on work satisfaction.

This is not a superficial impact, either. Staff who report improved satisfaction in their work are less likely to leave the business, and generally tend to work more productively; and a productive workforce is crucial for a profitable business.

resource booking system

Improved Resource Management

A fully-functioning resource booking system should provide you with a powerful tool for effective and efficient stock management.

This might be having quick access to real-time analytics that can inform you of those facilities that are being used with more frequency than others; useful for future marketing purposes, for instance.

Also, there will always be instances when some of your resources are not available for booking; be it for maintenance or any other reason.

It’s important, therefore to have control over availability and unavailability. The ability to take something offline for a designated period of time via a simple online process, not only further improves time-saving buy also provides a greater layer of customer satisfaction by ensuring that bookings can’t inadvertently be made when something is unavailable; eliminating those embarrassing calls.

A Better Resource Booking System for you Business

From improved customer experience and a user-friendly booking process, to improved efficiency, productivity and staff satisfaction. Whatever it is that you are booking, and no matter if it’s for commercial or operational reasons, a high-quality resource booking system can have a significant impact on the running, revenue and profitability of your business.

At thinkBooker, we specialise in online booking systems for training courses, classes, activities and events – optimised for efficiency, growth and ongoing client satisfaction.

Browse the site to learn more about course booking systems, sports booking systems, event booking systems and more, or get in touch directly to find out how we can help you.

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